hello mere mortal !!

call me maggie (they them) ! im a lover of lots of things

i'm 18 y/o about to go into college (class of 2028, go rams) !! (=^ n w n ^=)

some of my interests are as follows!

category(つ≧▽≦)つ my favorites!
music: c0ncernn, osno1, underscores, tmbg, talking heads, cabingory, and so much more hehe
movies: saw 2004, fight club, all of the lego movies but specifically the first one, pacific rim
games: MGS !!!!, undertale, deltarune, bendy and the ink machine, fnaf, smile 4 me
shows: lucky star, dungeon meshi, umbrella academy, criminal minds, evangelion
interests: homestuck (sorry), comics, ENA, coding+programming, robots (big or small) !!

i'm a beginner at coding so my website may be a bit ugly, but cut me some slack! this is what i wanna do with my life! (T v T)

blinkies.cafe | make your own blinkies!

my things !!

i love to draw, code, and sing! some things ive done include:
this website!! hope ur enjoying hehe
a lot of art (see my tumblr or my insta)
apply and audition for a great college in my hometown! (ill update this if i get in lol)
be a part of my high school's drama club and run lights :-)
being best friends with a beautiful girl named edie who is my favorite person ever. hi edie if ur reading this

thank you for stopping by and viewing my masterpiece (ish)!!
i appreciate every view i get and every person who stops by!!